Democratic Candidate | Montgomery County Executive

Ensure Quality Public Schools.

I’m a proud graduate of Montgomery County Public Schools and the proud father of two current MCPS students. Education funding has been a priority for me since the very first days of my legislative career and it must be our County’s number one priority as well. Class sizes are booming and school construction hasn’t kept up. We need to do more to bring down the costs of construction so we can invest and focus on our teachers and classroom learning. Together, we can ensure that all students in the county have access to a great education that prepares them for the 21st century economy.

Improve Planning and Smart Transportation.

Our commute times continue to grow, costing us time and money. Our current Council Members have failed to improve our traffic problems. We need to invest in Metro and transit, improve infrastructure, support housing near workplaces and telework, and deploy technology that makes our existing roadways more efficient. Together, we can get our residents moving again.

Improve Quality of Life.

Local government exists first and foremost to provide quality education and efficient transportation options, and to ensure public safety. We must ensure that we prioritize and invest in these essential services. Good schools and safe neighborhoods are the reason so many of our families came to Montgomery County in the first place, and they are essential to our future. Together, we will make sure our funding priorities reflect these public priorities.

Recharge Our Economy.

The availability of good jobs with good wages is essential to ensuring that all residents can build stable and fruitful lives here in the County. Unfortunately, Montgomery County has developed a reputation as unfriendly to private enterprise, leading too many small and large businesses to choose D.C. or Virginia. When that happens, our property tax base shrinks and our income tax revenues suffer. Together, we can ensure our county is a progressive, inclusive community that also boasts a thriving and exciting private sector economy.

Reform Local Government.

Montgomery County needs to provide a great public education, safe communities, and the transportation infrastructure to ensure families can spend their time together instead of stuck on congested roadways. The County does not need to be in the liquor business or cable media business, for example. As your County Executive, my administration would embrace reforms and technological improvements to deliver services more economically and efficiently, and to better align spending with constituent priorities like schools, transportation and public safety. Together, we can improve our delivery of core services by reducing our involvement in unnecessary and ancillary enterprises.