Democratic Candidate | Montgomery County Executive

Bill Frick and familyI am a creature of Montgomery County — its schools, its communities and its values. I was born in Silver Spring and grew up in Kensington. I attended North Chevy Chase Elementary School, Westland Middle School and Bethesda Chevy Chase High School. Now I am raising my own family here, and my two kids are thriving in our schools and our neighborhoods, surrounded by friends of many decades.

This is the community that taught me to value public service, and the community that made me a proud Democrat. It gave me the chance to serve, and I have made the most of that opportunity in Annapolis. I went in as a backbencher and I rose to become the Democratic House Majority Leader. More importantly, I have helped make Maryland a better place, by passing Marriage Equality and the DREAM Act, investing in renewable energy, raising the minimum wage and reducing the availability of dangerous guns. Those are Montgomery’s values and now they are Maryland’s laws.

Our incredible hometown deserves a county government that is smart, effective, and responsive. It is time for a new generation of leadership in Montgomery County to step up and take our county forward. As your next County Executive, I will listen, bring the change that our voters demand and deliver the excellent service our residents deserve.

I will show that Montgomery County can have it all. We can reform our government to spend less on politicians’ priorities and more on our citizens’ priorities. We can narrow the achievement gap in our schools and expand the economic opportunities for all of our residents. We can get our county out of the liquor business and our school kids out of trailers. And we can shed our stigmatizing reputation as hostile to local businesses as we enhance our reputation as a diverse, welcoming, progressive community.

As someone who has spent nearly his whole life in Montgomery County, I’m proud of where I’ve come from and I’m even more excited about where we can be headed. I hope you will join me.

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